Pat Kealy Pat Kealy Founders
Pat Kealy


Brett Lundin Brett Lundin Founders
Brett Lundin


Omaha Service

Cherice Greenway Cherice Greenway Omaha Service
Cherice Greenway

Service Manager

Jeff Casavant Jeff Casavant Omaha Service
Jeff Casavant

Service Sales Manager

Mark Hainline Mark Hainline Omaha Service
Mark Hainline

Project Manager

Aaron Rasell Aaron Rasell Omaha Service
Aaron Rasell

Project Manager

Jeremy Wojahn Jeremy Wojahn Omaha Service
Jeremy Wojahn

Project Manager

Makenzie Bergelt Makenzie Bergelt Omaha Service
Makenzie Bergelt


Kendra Wilson Kendra Wilson Omaha Service
Kendra Wilson


Travis Brown Travis Brown Omaha Service
Travis Brown

Preventative Maintenance Contract Manager

Noel Holmstedt Noel Holmstedt Omaha Service
Noel Holmstedt

Plumbing Project Manager

Steve Thompson Steve Thompson Omaha Service
Steve Thompson

Small Construction Manager

Rick Lochmiller Rick Lochmiller Omaha Service
Rick Lochmiller

Project Manager


Rob Svoboda Rob Svoboda Lincoln
Rob Svoboda

Service Manager

Janelle Strain Janelle Strain Lincoln
Janelle Strain


Tasha Ellingson Tasha Ellingson Lincoln
Tasha Ellingson

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Tom Donahue Tom Donahue Lincoln
Tom Donahue

Service Account Manager

Kody Switzer Kody Switzer Lincoln
Kody Switzer

Preventative Maintenance Contract Manager

Dave Schwerdtfeger Dave Schwerdtfeger Lincoln
Dave Schwerdtfeger

Service Account Manager


Pat Prewitt Pat Prewitt Construction
Pat Prewitt

VP of Construction

Erik Huskey Erik Huskey Construction
Erik Huskey

Project Manager

Rob Rybin Rob Rybin Construction
Rob Rybin


Todd Healy Todd Healy Construction
Todd Healy


Artem Barankevich Artem Barankevich Construction
Artem Barankevich


Matt Vanderwerf Matt Vanderwerf Construction
Matt Vanderwerf

Project Manager

Justin Thomas Justin Thomas Construction
Justin Thomas

Project Engineer

Jill Schoech Jill Schoech Construction
Jill Schoech

Construction Administrative Assistant


Wesley Skillett Wesley Skillett Administrative
Wesley Skillett


Megan Brink Megan Brink Administrative
Megan Brink

Human Resources Manager

Amy Beasley Amy Beasley Administrative
Amy Beasley

Senior Accountant

Shana Nystrom Shana Nystrom Administrative
Shana Nystrom

Accounts Receivable

Kelly Galbraith Kelly Galbraith Administrative
Kelly Galbraith

Accounts Receivable

Marge Gray Marge Gray Administrative
Marge Gray

Accounts Payable

Terra Meyer Terra Meyer Administrative
Terra Meyer

Accounts Payable

Katy Durio Katy Durio Administrative
Katy Durio

Administrative Assistant


Prairie Mechanical Corporation is a people company – one that provides professionals with the team, culture and challenges to develop a successful, rewarding career.

Prairie is invested in building a positive culture within our organization. With the help of Culture Index, we assess each applicant’s personality so we can better determine their fit for the position they’re applying for.

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