Omaha Service

Pat Kealy Pat Kealy Omaha Service
Pat Kealy


Mari Jo Massanet Mari Jo Massanet Omaha Service
Mari Jo Massanet

Preventative Maintenance Contract Manager

Mark Hainline Mark Hainline Omaha Service
Mark Hainline

Project Manager

Tracy Henke Tracy Henke Omaha Service
Tracy Henke

Project Manager

Jeff Casavant Jeff Casavant Omaha Service
Jeff Casavant

Project Manager

Aaron Rasell Aaron Rasell Omaha Service
Aaron Rasell

Project Manager

Jeff Simms Jeff Simms Omaha Service
Jeff Simms

Project Manager

Jeremy Wojahn Jeremy Wojahn Omaha Service
Jeremy Wojahn


Cherice Greenway Cherice Greenway Omaha Service
Cherice Greenway

Service Manager

Cody Luce Cody Luce Omaha Service
Cody Luce


Lincoln Service

Rob Svoboda Rob Svoboda Lincoln Service
Rob Svoboda

Service Manager

Jim Zieg Jim Zieg Lincoln Service
Jim Zieg

Project Manager


Brett Lundin Brett Lundin Construction
Brett Lundin


Joe Barnhart Joe Barnhart Construction
Joe Barnhart

Project Manager

Adam Buzbee Adam Buzbee Construction
Adam Buzbee

Business Development & Estimating Manager

Kevin Gidden Kevin Gidden Construction
Kevin Gidden

Project Manager

Dave Klug Dave Klug Construction
Dave Klug

CAD/BIM Technician/Estimator

Erik Huskey Erik Huskey Construction
Erik Huskey

Project Manager


Debbie Pike Debbie Pike Administrative
Debbie Pike

Construction Administrative Assistant

Julie Sawyer Julie Sawyer Administrative
Julie Sawyer


Merari Corona Merari Corona Administrative
Merari Corona

Accounts Payable

Dawn Holmstedt Dawn Holmstedt Administrative
Dawn Holmstedt

Accounts Receivable

Megan Brink Megan Brink Administrative
Megan Brink

Human Resources/Safety Director

Nicole Kollars Nicole Kollars Administrative
Nicole Kollars

Administrative Assistant

Kyle the Fish Kyle the Fish Administrative
Kyle the Fish



Prairie Mechanical Corporation is a people company – one that provides professionals with the team, culture and challenges to develop a successful, rewarding career.

Prairie is invested in building a positive culture within our organization. With the help of Culture Index, we assess each applicant’s personality so we can better determine their fit for the position they’re applying for.

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