pix_preconPre-Construction Services

The foundation for a successful project begins with the Pre-Construction phase. Prairie Mechanical has working relationships with some of the most prominent general contractors and consulting engineers in the Greater Omaha Area.

We are able to create a collaborative environment during Pre-Construction that focuses on delivering a project that best meets the project owner’s needs. The owner can have confidence that they are getting a project that has found a balance of budget conscience, constructability, lifecycle cost, and ease of operation and maintenance.  Prairie Mechanical’s staff brings their expertise to every aspect of the project to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, including:

Conceptual Estimating

Cost control begins with an accurate estimate. When design information is limited, Prairie Mechanical utilizes “conceptual estimating”. To be as accurate as possible, the conceptual estimate should contain as much detail as the final budget. Undefined aspects of the project should be listed as allowances and later modified as the design progresses.


Constructability Analysis

The most empowering aspect of Pre-Construction is the synergy created when combining the consultant’s design experience with the contractor’s knowledge of materials and methods. Prairie Mechanical works hand-in-hand with the consulting engineer to ensure that the final design is represented in the same configuration as it will be installed.


Project Scheduling

A well thought out project schedule is becoming increasingly more important as owner’s expectations demand aggressive completion dates. Constructing a collaborative schedule with the general contractor can streamline the project workflow by maximizing pre-fabrication opportunities and minimizing over-populated work areas, thus increasing productivity.


Value Engineering

Construction budgets are becoming increasingly tighter in an unstable economy. Costs of raw materials (e.g. copper pipe and fittings) are on the increase. Prairie Mechanical works with the design team to identify opportunities to draw the project back within budget.  Value engineering solutions can be as simple as a change in materials and methods or as complex as changing the mechanical system design.